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 Start Living The Life You Truly Deserve

Are you tired of feeling stuck inside a less than fulfilling day-to-day experience?

Are you ready to break free from the hurts and disappointments of the past to create the future you want and deserve?


This Program is For You if:

  • You need a safe space to heal your heart and mind

  • You secretly believe deep within that there is a better life waiting just around the corner

  • You are looking to experience more fulfilling relationships and uplifting moments

  • You are ready to let go of negative self-talk and dive into a more positive version of yourself

If any of that speaks to you, do not ignore your calling. Please keep reading because THIS is your moment...

It’s time for you to gather your courage and DARE TO DREAM!


Trust me, I know how scary it can be to change. I have been there .....

I have faced homelessness, sexual abuse, debilitating disease and PTSD but because of these challenges I have learned the hidden opportunities found within building resilience.

And despite these hardships, I have been an honor student, college graduate and insatiable learner of varied healing techniques such as meditation, emotional freedom technique (EFT)/Tapping, and other energy and emotion regulating methods.

I have healed my heart, my rheumatoid arthritis, and can run, hike, and dance unbounded! I also found and married the love of my life!!

Of course, I am not perfect, I have tough days sometimes, too. But along the way I found that the most important aspect of creating the life I desired was to stay focused on my dreams and wellness.


 I completely get where you’re at! Sometimes we can forget that there’s more available to us, and we all need support to live the lives in our hearts.

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Move on and heal from the past
Create the future that will fulfill and inspire you
Remain calm, grateful, and happy throughout the day to have more energy
Maintain clarity and peace of mind, increasing productivity
Make new connections to those more aligned with your present journey


The DARE TO DREAM program was lovingly created to help you do all that and more!

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5 Weekly Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group

Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited Voxer (Walkie Talkie App) Connections

Deck of Affirmation Cards

Personalized Meditation

Insightful Journaling and Meditation Prompts

Instruction to Various Healing Techniques

Emergency Call

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Presently Me: Gather insight into problems you're facing

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The Real Me: Guided inner journey to the root of issues

Week 1 Lili D (2).png

 Change The Story: Learn to find your true inner strength

Week 1 Lili D (3).png

Presenting Me: How to live your best, authentically

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Moving Forward: Techniques and tips for the future



Lilianna Deveneau

Over the last 10 years, I have studied, collaborated, gathered, practiced, and developed tools and proven techniques for letting go of the past and releasing old patterns, recycling that energy while building resilience for the future. These allow you to expand your self-love, awareness, forgiveness, and well-being so you can construct your best self, life, and world!

As a successful resilience coach, it is my mission to help you find the lessons and blessings hidden in some of life’s darkest challenges, to adopt a positive outlook and self-image, and to master skills that will serve to create the relationships, experiences, and life of your dreams!

I’d be honored to help you reconnect with your true self to shine brilliantly, powerfully, and authentically!

Transformation is possible, and you deserve it; let me show you how!

let's chat:Book a Discovery call!

I would love to speak with you regarding where you're at and where you dream to be! please feel free to book a 60-minute discovery call with me below. I look forward to getting to know your awesome, Powerful self!