How Meditation Can Support Your Healing Process

How to Find the Right Medication to Support Your Healing Process--Discover the healing power that lies within you this very moment and follow the steps to create your best life!

There was a time I was taking medications--for anxiety, depression, PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis, and what became severe digestive issues--including steroids, cortisone shots, and a pill that was recalled for causing heart attacks. I experienced horrifying side effects from anti-anxiety and anti-depressant prescriptions. While I appreciated the temporary relief, I was ready for a permanent change.


One day, a book found me that would alter my life forever. When I came across Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You (Three Rivers Press), I read something that made my jaw drop:

“A breakthrough sometimes comes from seeing a simple truth hidden behind a tangle of complications. Genes are the most complicated thing about the body. Yet there is a simple truth behind them, which is this: you can change your genes, and therefore you can improve them. You are talking to your genes when you do simple things like eating and moving. That’s why a recent study showed that people who alter their lifestyle significantly—by eating better, exercising more, and practicing meditation—caused changes affecting perhaps five hundred genes. The changes supported their new lifestyle, and they started within a few weeks…What has changed is a realization that genes only affect you if they are switched on; they have no effect if they are switched off” (Chopra, 2009, p. 73). 


“If that’s true,” I thought to myself, “then I don’t want arthritis anymore. I’m going to ‘flip the gene switch.’” Diagnosed around age 7, I set my resolved intent on healing. After making some adjustments to enhance my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, tests completed by rheumatologists confirmed the amazing news: I no longer had the autoimmune disease—I was arthritis-free!!


Here are the steps I took:

·      After discovering that meat in causes inflammation, I adopted a vegetarian diet. Less than a year later, I would become vegan, realizing the negative reaction of milk and eggs as well.

·      Daily meditations became part of my morning ritual. This routine also includes writing in my gratitude journal with a cup of tea or coffee.

·      Physical activity such as yoga, tai chi, or walking is also important.

·      According to quantum physics, light transmits information and energy. This includes messages, or templates, of healing. I incorporated this knowledge into my meditations by imaging I was being showered with loving, healing light and able to absorb this rejuvenating force through my crown chakra, circulating my body through my bloodstream, and mentally brightening each chakra.

·      The law of attraction tells us that “like attracts like”. If I allow myself to dwell on negativity, I’ll draw more of that to me. I made a habit of choosing positivity, joy, and gratitude over anger, fear, and impatience.

·      During this time of restoration, especially, it was vital to go easy on myself, take time to develop self-love, a deep friendship, gratitude, and love for the being I am, my gifts, and all I have to offer the world and humanity.

·      Perhaps the most important step was believing I could be healed. Just as our skin rebuilds after a cut, so too can our physical/mental bodies. I saw myself as I wanted to be, not as my medical records showed. I found mantras, like “I am healthy,” “I am whole,” “I am complete” and “I am perfect” to be especially helpful and empowering, and I made a point to repeat one that was resonating with me to myself in times of stress. I even wrote it on sticky notes and on mirrors as reminders!


Through these techniques, I swapped medication for meditation! I am no longer taking any prescription drugs and have regained my health. Practicing rejuvenating reflection and a peaceful connection to my true self helped to give me back the vitality and wellness of my early youth and I healed from my ailments. (Of course, if you’re thinking this may be the right direction for you, you should consult your physician.)


I hope you find these steps as life-altering as I have. Wishing you light, love, and the strength to change your life! It is completely possible, and I believe in you! If you found this article helpful and would like some guidance through your transformation, please contact me and I’ll be happy to coach you!