awaken your healing

Healing is not a concept, but a reality. We know the process of healing, and it begins with discovering your true self.

Healing is not a concept, but a reality. We know the process of healing, and it begins with discovering your true self.


Awaken Your Healing


“[Y]ou can change your genes, and therefore you can improve them.”


Wait. What?! I looked at the cover of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You and flipped back to page 136 to read the words again. And again. And again. The paragraph concluded with:


“Even a strong emotion may be enough to alter a gene, because emotions require a shift in brain chemistry—brain cells secrete new chemicals for sadness or happiness, confidence or shyness, when their genes tell them to. The most seemingly stable part of our body turns out to be amazingly fluid and flexible. The code of life is a streaming message that never ends.”


Well, I thought to myself, if that’s true, then I don’t want Rheumatoid Arthritis anymore. It was there my process of deep soul healing would begin.


I could never have guessed how the journey would unfold, but I was positive of the outcome: free of RA, the autoimmune disease that had plagued my joints with inflammation for two decades.


As you might imagine, it was the biggest transformation of my life. And though I’ve worked since childhood to increase my emotional resilience and insight, this metamorphosis sprouted and bloomed from within me in a matter of months.


Metamorphosis. Each time I hear that word I’m taken back to the second grade. Our classroom housed an enclosure with eight little jade-colored gems hanging from the cover. We all held our breaths and our dirty hands as we witnessed multiple monarchs creep and then burst from their chrysalides with their wings folded like accordions. They made a special kind of music that day, audible not with the ears but in the heart.


The day my rheumatologist told me I had no markers of RA in my blood, I sang loud enough for the whole city to hear it! I felt unstoppable, and relieved. Nothing can stop me now from fulfilling my mission to bring about big changes to a world now stricken with so much pain and trauma.  


I knew what that was like. I was adopted as an infant into an abusive household, physically and sexually abused by age 7, and testified against my abuser across the country at age 12. I became homeless and banned from the family less than four years later when similar transgressions transpired, only this time I was blamed.


It took me a long time to find my voice, to truly listen to what my body, mind and heart were all trying to tell me. I don’t want it to take you 20 years to find your healing.


You have an incredible purpose to fulfill, a calling to answer, some real change to make!! And this world needs you, your energy, your unique light.    


Do you feel like you’re about to burst out of the cocoon that once held you? Do you want to make a real change and know to do that takes a certain level of self-exploration? Do you regularly feel your music is inaudible to most?


The Awaken Your Healing project is my way of saying let me hear you!


If you’ve felt a calling to return to wholeness, or even discover what that really means, I feel you.


If you’ve tried to overcome tough traumas and pains before, even physical disease, I see you.


I believe in you.


And I love you.


So what are you on the brink of becoming—and of letting go? Who is your true self trying to express? What would wholeness look like for you?  If you can start to see it, keep reading…


Just So You Know

This project is


...NOT a strategy session. There is absolutely a need for strategies in order to accomplish your goals and big dreams (which are just goals that haven’t been given a trackable deadline yet)! I’m a systems nerd, and couldn’t run my business without them. We’re bravely bypassing all that mind-movement and plunging deep into the heart center with courage, curiosity, and compassion.

...NOT a life coaching call. I love the realm of coaching. I geek out about combining research and tools with intuition and energy techniques. And while that is my lens through which I see the world, I am simply offering to a hold a safe and sacred space for you to come and explore who and what shows up for you during our time together.


...NOT a substitute for a physician or for doing the personal growth work. You are a gem, a precious stone with a unique energy that vibrates like none other on Earth. Gems are created after magma escapes the earth and flows into crevices formed from the broken chunks of the planet’s crust meeting the mantle. The crevices offer a space to grow and expand while the pressure and temperature are still high. Water also plays a big role. Yet it takes immense effort for this process to complete and for the jewel to surface. No one else can undergo this process for you.


THE AWAKEN YOUR HEALING PROJECT… your chance to stand in your truth. Maybe for the first time ever.

I was told to keep quiet. I was told others were sick of hearing about my problems. I was told to just get over it. And my once-booming voice became smaller and duller and softer until I couldn’t even hear myself. If you’ve been silenced, I say SPEAK UP! I say shout ‘til you whisper, not the other way around! Let us use our voices as the energy generators they are for the highest good of all involved. That takes practice. Come speak with me, and stand in your glory. Together we can change the world. your ticket to a healing breakthrough. While I can’t embark on this journey for you (and honestly wouldn’t rob you of the amazing gifts to discover), I can certainly be your guide! I am no stranger to the darkness, to the damaging beliefs we trick ourselves into, sometimes daily. I know the ways we resist it, and I know the endless possibilities only illuminated when you walk through and beyond it. Through that doorway, your true self lives. an act of service I’m grateful to give. I know how frustrating it is to run around in the same circles, on the same track, in the same clothes, day after day after day. I’m talking sweaty, stinky and sick of it! I completely dismantled each aspect of my life in order to see it clearly, to acknowledge my truth, and rediscover my power. From this awareness, I created the peace, happiness, healing, and life I wanted. Then I helped others do the same, and was overjoyed! I set out to bring this wellness to as many as possible. a serious dose of high vibes. Sometimes we have a bad day. And sometimes those days turn into weeks and even months of crabbiness. Often, it’s so gradual we don’t even realize the pincers are out! Together, we will realign with and radiate the energy of that which we desire.


Remember: the outer reflects the inner. So even if you’re trying to tell yourself nothing’s wrong, you can’t fake energy, and you can’t trick your higher self! Rather than ignoring something that’s weighing us down, let’s finally acknowledge whatever that is so we can let it go! a way to learn more about your body. If you’re like I was, you may be working really hard to figure out, “What’s the matter, really?” Perhaps your physicality suffers, even from strange or unexplainable ailments. Maybe you’ve journaled, read, and “processed” ‘til you wanted to puke and stilllll couldn’t seem to find the root of your discomfort, your dis-ease, your dis-pleasure, and your pain.


I have great news for you: there is another way! Your body knows exactly what your heart and mind want to express. Together, we can become fluent in this mind-body-spirit language, opening up a whole new world of abundance, clarity, fulfillment, impact, and love. here to support you. Are you ready to discover how?





I’m pleased to offer you my gift of a deep conversation dedicated to expanding your awareness and self-(re)discovery, and celebrating YOU!!


1.     This experience is limited to the first 40 who accept my invitation, so book yours today!

2.     We will connect for 60 minutes via phone or zoom.

3.     Fill out a short survey so I can get a feel for how I can best serve you the day of our awesome heart- to-heart, soul-to-soul meet :)

4.     It’s my privilege to create and hold a safe and supportive space for you to uncover what your higher self has been trying to communicate.  

5.     Once the project concludes, I will send the participants a summary including highlighting insights gleaned from our conversations. (Confidentiality will be upheld :) )


Join Me to AWAKEN YOUR HEALING Transformation Today!! Book Your 60-minute Call Now!


I can’t wait to meet you!


Light and love,