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Hi I'm Lili! 

I'm a resilient, day-dream believer and Action Taker who loves a good book, a cup of Coffee or Tea and an empowering Breakthrough. I'm here to show YOU (Yes, YOU!!) how to live creatively and authentically, WITHOUT allowing past hurts to hamper your spirit! So....What do you dream of for your future?



“I was drawn to Lili Deveneau's charisma and enveloping spirit.

Wit, kindness, compassion, and intuition are only a few of the endearing qualities one discovers when they meet Lili. As an added bonus, Lili is stellar and has worked with a variety of clients worldwide to help them develop."

~Renae, Washington State


"There was very clear message as soon as I met Lili that working with her was a yes. My intuition made me do it.

It Was Her energy and her essence, and that she is someone who has walked through the FIRE and came out a bright LIGHT of love, compassion, and divine strength."

~Jenn Lederer, Motivational Comedian and Spiritual Renegade


“Lilianna has a genuine positive energy about her and it’s clear that she really and truly cares.

She’s a woman on a mission - one that uplifts others and helps them transform their suffering into something amazing for themselves and the world.”

~Danielle LaRock, World Healer


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